Initial Post

4. December 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Hello Internet!

After years of having a bunch of domains, first playing around and later using productive some great tools like Nextcloud, Wordpress, Prosody, Mumble or Wireguard and having also the standard stuff like LAMP, Mail (Postfix / Dovecot), Samba, CUPS and so on running on Debian, partly within the powerful KeyHelp environment, I felt the lack of having something like a landing page with an overview over all services and possibilities my servers are currently offering. As you can see that's available hereby and as you can see as well, it's still some free space on this site. I'll use that space for some blogging that will most likely focus on the tech and infrastructure stuff I've outlined above - partly, to give some help or useful hints for anyone coming over from anywhere, partly to just have a well-structured documentation for myself ;-). Stay tuned...

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